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If street parking is scarce, there are two free public parking lots available that are only a block away.  One is located at E 3rd and Central Ave, the other at E 2nd and Spokane Ave.


The Third and Spokane Building is conveniently located in downtown Whitefish on the corner of E 3rd and Spokane Ave.  It is home to the Third Street Market, Bookworks, and many healthcare practitioners.  It also neighbors the popular Buffalo Cafe and the Downtowner Inn. To find the entrance to the upstairs office complex, simply walk along the wooden walkway connecting Bookworks and Third Street Market until you see a door marked "Upstairs Offices." Come on up and find me in office #6, or if I'm not available feel free to take a card and a mandala from the bulletin board outside my office! 

Note: Spokane Ave conjoins with US 93 N as the highway passes through Whitefish

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