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facilitating healing through informed touch

"Boldly stated, massage therapists are working on a unique aspect of the environmental cause, literally reforming the inner environment through which we perceive ourselves, others, and our relation to the world.... During bodywork, we are therapists of the larger body of life."

Thomas W. Meyers

Massage Services

I offer sessions in the comfort of your home

90 minutes:
starting at $150

Timeless experience:
starting at $250

 Price may vary depending on location
Group pricing available
  Gift certificates available


Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

Slow down and tune in as we embark on a journey of connection and self-discovery. Incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Technique, and CranioSacral Therapy we work to shift tension patterns, calm the nervous system, create balance, and increase inner awareness.  Each session is unique to accommodate your ever-changing needs.                                              

Therapeutic Prenatal Massage

The benefits of therapeutic massage are invaluable during pregnancy. Together we work to alleviate discomfort, calm the nervous system, increase awareness, and ultimately bring balance to your ever-changing inner environment.

Gift Certificates

Choose the dollar amount for your gift certificate.

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 Reviews & Testimonials

Anna Faith is a true blessing to the gift of massage. She recently performed a deep tissue style massage for me, specific to my neck, shoulders and lower back areas where I asked her to concentrate due to stress and tension. She responded perfectly to what my body was asking for. Anna Faith listens to what the body needs and performs a concentrated and subjective massage that exceeds expectation and goes outside the scope of your average methodical massage. I highly recommend her and her intuitive hands.

Anna Faith was a great experience after a week of hiking in Glacier!! My husband and I both got hour long massages and they were the best massages we have ever received! Would highly recommend. If we were locals, we would definitely return! If/when we make it back to Glacier area, we will certainly book again. Anna Faith was very pleasant and professional and we appreciated her prompt correspondence. Thank you, Anna Faith!

I had my first session with Anna yesterday. I was in great need of relaxation, not only because I had sore muscles but my mind needed it too. Anna put me at ease, listened to me and used her wonderful techniques. Her voice was always soft, and she valued the quietness and peaceful moment I was after. I left her massage room feeling at rest. I recommend Anna any time, and I hope I can be back when I visit Whitefish again. Thank you Anna for being part of a healing time for me.

I had a few massages with Anna Faith. She takes time to listen and then focuses her massage appropriately. I love her gentle approach to her craft. That doesn't mean that she doesn't do a deep massage if you want her to. Not at all. She starts gentle and then goes deep, which is very effective, but not painful. This feels so different than what I experienced before.


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